Property Searches Franchise


Are you currently working in the conveyancing sector and have an understanding of Property Searches? Or are you in a completely different profession and looking to take onboard a franchise?


We've carried out tens of thousands of searches and provide a national service to the Solicitors and Law Firms we work in England and Wales.


If you're a Law firm, or Estate Agent, looking to bolt on a Searches business.

If you're working for a law firm and can use your connections to pick up Search instructions.

If you're an outgoing person who can build relationships with professionals...


In any of the above situations a Property Searches Franchise can provide an opportunity to be self employed and create a better work / life balance. If you're an Estate Agent or Solicitors practice there's the potential to add extra value to the range of services your business model can generate.


There's more to talk about here but if you would like to discuss running a property searches franchise we can help and ultimately help generate work for you in areas of the country where we would ordinarily instruct a third party.


Additionally our "Introducers" project will allow you the ability to pick up work as a function of the other projects Legal Brokers Ltd are involved with. In a nutshell building new relationships can be tough if you have nothing to offer that's unique... that's where we can help.


Please call 0345 603 0708 or email for details relating to the income you can generate.   



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Property Searches for Solicitors

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