AML Searches


As a part of our continous development regimen we are able to offer a range of Anti Money Laundering (AML) searches. 


The AML system is kept within the Conveyancing Searches portal and clients are able to dip into the AML products as well as the Indemnity Insurance system. Furthermore the platform acts as a link from which fee earners can also generate conveyancing quotes and, to an extent, run conveyancing matters. 


At present we can support our clients with;


  • AML Searches
  • Company checks
  • International ID checks
  • Lawyer Checker Searches


Additionally we're aiming to add biometric ID checks in the future and we're currently developing that functionality.


If you'd like to discuss any of the services we're able to provide please either email or call 0345 603 0708.


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AML Searches

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