Conveyancing Quotes Calculators


Hopefully you have a conveyancing calculator in place to make life easier for your clients but, if not, we can help.


We supply a range of legal services to solicitors and law firms. As such we provide marketing services, websites, SEO, introduce conveyancing cases, sell leads, provide property searches and offer support with both recruitment and selling law firms.


As part of our ongoing development we employ a full time programmer and have created our own conveyancing quotes calculator as a prelude to offering a free case management system to our existing clients. In precis our Conveyancing calculator allows;


  • Quotes can be generated 24 hours a day.
  • Conveyancing quotes can be generated by your introducers, on your behalf.
  • Quotes are sent via our server, listing your email details, as a way to ensure emails pass through Spam filters.
  • There is an automated follow up process that will help convert enquiries, into cases.
  • You can easily amend the quotes dependent upon your pricing models.
  • The quotes emails include "Unsubscribe links" thereby allowing you to build a marketing database.
  • You can also create a database of introducers to whom you can market your services. 
  • The software is available for either £250 + VAT per annum, or free if we pick up searches.


We've generated, over the years, hundreds of thousands of automated quotes via our conveyancing portals and we understand the importance of following up quotes. Additionally, as you hopefully get to know us, and vice versa, there's the potential for us to introduce conveyancing leads or cases as a gesture of good will.


To discuss using the quotes calculator please call 0345 603 0708, or email and we'll be more than happy to help.



Jon Hilton
Legal Brokers Ltd

Conveyancing Quotes Software

Providing a range of different services we are a multi-faceted business that can assist with online marketing, organic Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click advertising, Legal Recruitment, Property Searches, White Label Conveyancing, Franchising, Law firm sales, Fee Sharing and providing PII quotes.