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If you're a Solicitor or Licenced Conveyancer wanting a Case Management platform please contact us.

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Conveyancing Software

We've already developed our Introducers portal, Searches platform, Conveyancing Quotes Calculator (transparency rules) and we're currently developing a Case Management Software package for Solicitors and Licenced Conveyancers. We expect to be trialling the system in mid December 2018.

In brief our designers are working on a;
 Cloud based system.
 Standardised letters.
 Interaction with Word, Excel & Outlook.
 Document preparation.
 Amendable workflows.
 Diary management.
 Billing data.
 Cash flow projections.
 Cashiers software. 

In the first instance we're rolling out the Conveyancing Case Management Software in advance of the complete package. However we will develop a system around your needs so please don't be put off.

You might be wondering, "how much does the Case Management Software cost ?" and the answer is, "we're very flexible". We can charge a nominal monthly rate or a fee per transaction. If you're able to introduce fresh Property Searches to us (depending upon the quantity involved) we're looking to provide the Case Management Software for free.  Yep, free Conveyancing Software.

Should you be setting up a law firm and want a package that covers a range of services this may be the route for you. Fresh website, Standard letters, Amendable workflow, etc. The case management portal is currently being developed at We've gone for a slightly novel approach on the index page.

To register your interest in both a Conveyancing Software demonstration and free trial please email or call 0845 603 0708 

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Free Conveyancing Software For Solicitors

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