White Label Conveyancing


Are you an estate agent or mortgage broker who’s looking to provide conveyancing quotes or a white label conveyancing solution for your clients?


We can either provide you with a login & password so you can generate your own quotes via this website, or alternatively we can create a “plug in” whereby you can host the quotes calculator on your website.


If you provide access details we can add it to the site or provide the code for your IT chaps to include it on one of your pages.


You’d be able to nominate your referral fee and essentially become your own version of Legal Brokers. Additionally you could introduce law firms you’re happy to work with and have them sign up to appear on the website.


If you’d like to discuss our providing a dedicated white label conveyancing solution, as opposed to acting as a broker, please call us on 0345 603 0708 or email us at marketing@legalbrokers.com for more information.



Legal Brokers Ltd

White Label Conveyancing & Panel Managers

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