Fee Sharing Solicitors

Are you a lawyer who's currently employed but looking to strike up a better work / life balance ?

If you are then the question to ask is whether you have a stream of work you can bring with you... if you have then we'd very much like to work with you.

The benefits of Fee Sharing are generally;

Working either from home, with all the flexibility that allows, or from one of our partner locations.
Unlimited earnings.
Online suppport.
A negotiated Fee Split of upto 80% of your billings.
We can assist with marketing your business.

Our Partners generally look for Fee Sharing Solicitors who have 5 years PQE experience in their area of law and are able to maintain and grow their client base.  

In return our law firms, and ourselves, are able to offer support with PII cover, IT support, Compliance, Administrative and general Marketing support. At the same time we receive a stream of national enquiries and where possible we'll send them to yourself, as a gesture of goodwill.

From a practical perspective you would work underneath the umbrella of one of our law firms and that could be on a "remote basis" where you work from home or via the nearest office.

With respect to ourselves our role is to negotiate the best Fee Sharing split on your behalf and get you the best "fit". Our database, experience and team give us an insight into the the world of Fee Sharing which is unmatched.

For further details please contact us on 0845 603 0708.

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Fee Sharing Solicitors

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