AML Searches


The AML system is kept within both the Conveyancing Searches and Case Management portals. Clients are able to dip into our AML products, Searches, Conveyancing Quotes, and the Indemnity Insurance system. 


At present we can support our clients with;


  • Non Biometric AML Searches and reports
  • Biometric & Safe Harbour ID checks
  • Company checks
  • International ID checks
  • Lawyer Checker Searches


Our checks, for individuals in the UK, will run through our iDWallet brand ( and they are broken down into our Gold, Silver, and Bronze packages. 


iD-Bronze is a non biometric product which checks Address and Mortality, UK Credit Agencies, Peps & Sanctions databases. This is an office based search that does not require the individual client to do anything. The report will generally be returned the same working day. In the event of a problem we will provide our recommendations as to how to proceed. This search is used when a lawyer has met the client face to face. The cost is £2.20 + VAT.


iD-Silver is a biometric product that fulfils the same role as iD-Bronze, but it requires the individual to take both a selfie and a picture of their driving licence or passport. The completed report is returned after the individual has uploaded their details. This is a general use product for the legal profession. The cost is £7.00 + VAT.


iD-Gold is built upon the Silver product (Address and Mortality, UK Credit Agencies, PEP's & Sanctions, and Liveness Check anchored to a driving licence or passport). It is different in that it requires the individual to upload documents that link them to a property address. This is sufficient to meet the Safe Harbour Guidelines and, in the event of a problem, it indemnifies the law firm against action from HM Land Registry. The cost is £10.00 + VAT.   


The majority of biometric ID checks are a "pass" but we believe what sets us apart from the competition is that we individually assess each result and then provide recommendations. This is specifically helpful in the event of a "fail."


In that instance we will contact the individual client to assist them with the basics (if needed). It's been an eye opener for us understanding how individuals can create a "fail" by accident. We've had individuals send ID pictures whilst breastfeeding, numerous men seem to want to go topless, and our favourite was the gent who uploaded an image of his suitcase, by the side of his door, as proof of his address. 


Ultimately, our role is to understand human nature and provide a fast, technologically advanced, system that saves the lawyer time.     


If you'd like to discuss any of the services we're able to provide please either email, or call 0345 603 0708, or login with your Conveyancing Searches or Case Management login and start placing orders.


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Biometric, KYC, and Safe Harbour AML Search Reports

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