Estate Agents Conveyancing Quotes


Are you an Estate Agent (mortgage broker or Introducer) looking to work with a Solicitor or Licenced Conveyancer and introduce conveyancing services to your clients ?


Each Estate Agent will, we would suggest, have lawyers they introduce work too. The questions that spring from this situation are;


  • Are they reliable ?
  •  Do the service levels fall at any time ?
  •  Would you prefer that your clients have a fully itemised quote before proceeding ?
  •  Would you be interested to discuss increasing your referral fees ?
  •  Would you like to introduce an element of competition between the firms you work with ?
  •  Would you like a quotes mechanism that is directly linked to your website ?  


It's inevitable that service levels get strained as firms take on too much work. It's also a fact that comparing conveyancing fees can be very difficult when firms factor in different disbursements.


If you'd like to discuss the benefits of our working as a panel manager on your behalf please call on 0345 603 0708 or email and we can chat through the headline fees, referral commissions and service levels.



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Conveyancing Quotes for Estate Agents

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