Title Insurance Quotes


We are Appointed Representatives of Stewart Title and are able to provide an array of both standard and bespoke Title Indemnity Insurance quotes.


Ninety percent of our quotes are standard risks that are detailed on our portal and our system will allow you to generate instant quotes, save drafts, order indemnity policies, put them on risk, and receive the invoice. Policies can also be backdated by upto 30 days. 


In the remaining ten percent of instances, this is where our value becomes more apparent. The portal will allow you to outline the specific risk you want covering and that will trigger an Underwriter to assess the risk, generate a quote, and then we'll forward the draft policy for review.


Alternatively, separate to using the system, you can call or email our indemnities specialist, Emily, and she'll be delighted to assist. In summary out automated system can assist with the following; 


  • Generating multiple quotes

  • Viewing sample insurance policies

  • Saving drafts

  • Placing orders

  • Downloading policies

  • Reviewing a list of your orders

  • And then generating your invoice. 


As a general introduction, we can supply just under 100 differing types of policies, such as;



This is all part of expanding the range of services we provide to our clients and adding that extra benefit to our relationship with yourselves. Likewise if you use our Case Tracking system we can help you liaise with your introducers, and they can generate quotes on your behalf by adding your quotes calculator to their website.

In the first instance please email Emily via indemnities@legalbrokers.com, or calling 0345 603 0708, and we'll set you up with an account. If you're already a Property Search user you can login through that portal, too. 



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