No Search Indemnity Insurance


In situations in which local searches have been requested, but have not been returned within an acceptable timeframe, you may need No Search Indemnity Insurance.


We can supply cover against a range of circumstances and search products, this is the case for both Residential and Commercial Properties.


Our No Search policies can be used with the following products;


  • Local Land Charges Searches

  • Local Authority Searches

  • Drainage and Water Searches

  • Coal or Mining Searches

  • Environmental Searches

  • Chancel Searches


If the conveyancing lawyer has not requested the relevant searches, or the supplier has been unable to provide them in time, our Indemnity insurances will provide cover against later problems. Cover can also be provided in the event searches are older than 2 years and the lender requires more recent data.


The risks covered include; adverse difference in market value, the cost of settling out of court, and other costs and expenses arising from details that would have been revealed had the searches been received prior to completion.


To discuss No Search Indemnity Insurance please call us on 0345 603 0708 or email



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