Chancel Repair Insurance


We provide Chancel Repair Insurance to solicitors and licenced conveyancers. We can also supply policies to the general public via their lawyer.


In certain circumstance owners of a properties have a legal responsibility to pay for the maintenance and repairs of their local church. Consequently, chancel repair insurance protects you from any future claims to repair or maintain the local church.


The responsibility may be recorded in the property title documents or it may have been discovered in Chancel searches. If this is the case you may need Chancel Repair Insurance.


If you decide to forgo the Chancel check, you may wish to get a No Search Chancel Indemnity Insurance policy.


The risks covered by this policy include;


  • Costs and expenses which are a direct result of a repair liability in relation to a church chancel.

  • A negative impact on the market value


There are a variety of risks associated with the purchase of a property and whilst some are easily defined, there may well be situations where we need to generate bespoke insurance quotes to satisfy your needs.


Our online portal will allow you run quotes, upload documents, and will instantly send policies and the invoices. At the same time the system has the flexibility to allow you to back date certain policies by up to 30 days.


In the first instance please either call our team on 0345 603 0708 or email



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Chancel Repair Insurance

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