Lack of Building Regulations Insurance


If you have had works carried out to your property for which there is no planning or building regulation approval, you may wish to consider Lack of Building Regulations Insurance, or the local authority could take enforcement action against you.


Lack of Building Regulations Insurance covers:

  • Damage, or compensation, or costs and other expenses (but not fines) which you have to pay as an order of the court.

  • The financial amount the property is reduced by.

  • Any other costs you incur (with the insurer’s written consent).

There may be a refusal or reduction in payment for the loss because:

  • You confirmed a statement which you knew, or could have been expected to know, was not true.

  • You made a claim knowing that it was innaccurate.

  • You disclose that this policy exists to another person or organisation.

If you are an individual please use the contact details below and we will organise a policy you can pass onto your solicitor.


Alternatively, if you are a conveyancing solicitor and wish to run quotes, upload documents, and generate instant Indemnity insurance quotes please contact us. We will then create a login from which you can order draft policies and put them on risk.   


For more information about lack of building regulations insurance, please call on 0345 603 0708 or email


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Lack of Building Regulations Insurance

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