Law Firm Mergers 

One way to grow a Law Practice is to merge two separate entities. You may initially wish to grow via Acquisition, or have specifically decided that a Merger may be beneficial as a mechanism to grow or solidify your existing business.

Merging law firms of similar sizes is an ideal way to extend your collective reach. We can assist in various ways in order to facilitate the deal and ensure that all parties are satisfied with the strategy, the changes, and more importantly the opportunities available.

Our role is to understand each party's business model, acknowledge the different personalities involved, and walk all parties through the steps that need to occur in order to successfully complete a merger. 

If, after considering matters, you choose not to merge your practice, we can facilitate either you're selling a law firm or purchasing a practice. We have a portfolio of law firms for sale and are constantly adding new firms to our register, hence if you would like to be added to our database of interested parties please let us know.
To chat through your proposed sale, purchase or merger, please contact our principal M&A consultant, Nick Parker, by either emailing or calling 0345 603 0708

We look forward to hearing from you.

Legal Brokers Ltd

Law Firm Merger Specialists

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