Absent Landlord and Good Leasehold Title Insurance


A Good Leasehold Title is often found when the freeholder cannot be located, or does not respond to reasonable requests by the leaseholder. Hence, you have an Absent Landlord.


This policy is designed to give cover to certain risks if the Freeholder/Landlord is found at a later date and makes certain demands.


Using our portal, this policy can be placed on risk immediately. 


Advantages of using our service include:


  • Cover upto £2m
  • Instant Cover with our automated system
  • Multiple policies can be placed on risk at the click of a button
  • Inflation clauses to help with ongoing cover
  • Bespoke policies to suit your needs

Furthermore, our IT system can offer the following:


  • Create multiple quotes
  • Sample insurance policies
  • Provide a draft mechanism to store quotes
  • And you'll receive your invoice and policy instantly upon order

If you are unable to locate the landlord or freeholder, or if the title of the property is Good Leasehold, please contact us for help to cover potential risks.


Please contact 0345 603 0708 or email indemnities@legalbrokers.com to discuss your needs, set up an account, and obtain quotes.


Legal Brokers Ltd

Absent Landlord and Good Leasehold Title Insurance

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