Biometric ID Checks


We are able to offer Biometric ID Checks in addition to our standard desktop ID verification checks. 


The system sends a link by email and text message to a prospective client and they upload a picture and proof of address document. The majority of biometric ID checks are a "pass" but we believe what sets us apart from the competition is that we individually assess each result and then provide recommendations. This is specifically helpful in the event of a "fail."


Additionally, in the event of a fail we will contact individual clients to assist them with the basics (if needed). It's been an eye opener for us understanding how individuals can create a "fail" by accident. We've had individuals send ID pictures whilst breastfeeding, numerous men seem to want to go topless, and our favourite was the gent who uploaded an image of his suitcase, by the side of his door, as proof of his address. 


Ultimately, our role is to understand human nature and provide a fast, technologically advanced, system that saves the lawyer time. Additionally, we are able to assist with;


  • AML Searches

  • Company checks

  • International ID checks

  • Lawyer Checker Searches


Within our ID check system we can offer both standard checks (via inputting passport details) and a biometric option. You can dip in and out of both systems, as required.


If you would like a demonstration of our biometric ID check system please either email or call 0345 603 0708.



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Biometric ID Checks

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