Boiler and Electrical Indemnity Insurance


As a trusted provider of indemnity insurance, we are excited to introduce Boiler Indemnity Insurance as part of our comprehensive range of policies. 


Boiler and Electrical installation certificates are often essential for purchasers. These certifications become crucial when there's a replacement of a boiler or significant electrical works. A valid certificate serves as confirmation of compliance with pertinent regulations. 


However, situations arise where certification may be unavailable, incorrect or misplaced. In such cases, an insurance policy can offer a pragmatic and cost-effective solution.


As appointed representatives of Stewart Title, we offer a diverse portfolio of over 100 policies within our suite of Indemnity Insurances. Moreover, we specialise in providing coverage for non-standard risks and offer tailored quotes to meet unique needs. 


Instances where our insurance cover proves invaluable include:


  • Absence of evidence showcasing compliance with building regulations.

  • Lack of certification or notification with the local authority.

  • Installation or replacement of boilers.

  • Electrical alterations failing to meet BS 7671 or building regulations.

Furthermore, our state-of-the-art IT system streamlines the process by:


  • Generating multiple quotes efficiently.

  • Providing sample insurance policies for reference. 

  • Offering a draft mechanism to conveniently store quotes.

  • Issuing instant invoices and policies upon order placement.


When confronted with a lack of evidence, safeguard your client's interests swiftly with our specialised policy.


For indemnity enquiries or personalised quotes, call our team on 0345 603 0708 or email



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Boiler and Elecrical Title Insurance

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