Breach Of Leasehold Title Insurance


We take pride in being a trusted provider of indemnity insurance, and we're excited to announce the addition of Breach of Leasehold Covenants Indemnity Insurance to our comprehensive suite of policies. 


A breachof leasehold can occur innocently when property alterations are made without the necessary consent from the Freeholder. While often unintentional, such breaches can lead to significant repercussions. Our indemnity policies offerreassurance and protection in such situations. 


Our process is streamlined, making it quick, easy and often cost effective to mitigate the risks associated with leasehold breaches. 


As appointed represenatives of Stewart Title, we offer over 100 policies within our indemnity insurance portfolio. Additionally, we specialise in crafting policies for non-standard risks, providing bespoke quotes tailored to your specific needs.


Here are some examples of the leasehold issues we can assist with:


  • Illegible Lease
  • Missing Lease
  • Lack of Permission From a Freeholder

Furthermore, our IT system can offer the following:


  • Create multiple quotes
  • Sample insurance policies
  • Provide a draft mechanism to store quotes
  • And you'll receive your invoice and policy instantly upon order

As soon as an issue with a lease is identified, we recommend making contact to discuss the easiest way to proceed. Please call the team on 0345 603 0708 or email to discuss your needs and get a quote.



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Breach of Leasehold Covenant Insurance


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