Broker Conveyancing Referral Fees

Are you a mortgage broker looking to select a panel manager to deal with your conveyancing referrals?

We've been dealing with online conveyancing quotes for over 10 years and have a wealth of experience dealing with the general public, solicitors and mortgage brokers. What's more we go out of our way to provide fully itemised quotes that both list all the disbursements and set out the fees in a clear and transparent way.

In it's simplest terms our offering to intermediaries is;

Clear, concise, easy to understand conveyancing quotes
A "plug in" to add the quotes calculator onto your own website
The ability to add or remove law froms from your own "panel"
Referral fees that you can nominate across the board, or vary by client
No sale no fee, conveyancing
Competitive legal fees

In terms of our fees we generally charge £10 per instruction and act more as a portal than a mechanism to generate substantial fees for ourselves hence the legal fees we promote are generally viewed as being highly competitive.

If you're a broker looking to promote a white label "Legal Brokers" service to your clients please call us on 0345 603 0708 or email and we'll both talk you through the process and establish your objectives.  
Legal Brokers Ltd

Mortgage Broker Conveyancing Referrals 

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