Case Study - Cyber Attack


Back in 2020, one of our councils was subject to a cyber-attack and they haven't been able to return the full data for personal searches since, nor are they able to complete full official searches. 


How have we worked to fix this? 


They have been able to provide the data for 'partial' local searches, and as a result of this we have been offering clients either a partial local search and suggesting they take out a 'partial search indemnity policy' or a 'no search indemnity policy', both of which we can provide. 


So why choose Legal Brokers as your search partner? 


Not only do we work hard to return your searches as soon as possible, we also pick up on issues like this and let you know the best resolutions!


As you would expect we're members of COPSO and carry £2million of Indemnity insurance. The site will generate a Recommended Searches report and also offer you the latest onscreen Mapping features.


Contact our team today via and we'll set you up with a search account within minutes... so you can start ordering your searches right away!



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