Chancel Indemnity Title Insurance


Chancel indemnity insurance is usually purchased during the conveyancing process to protect the client from any future claims to repair their local church. Their liability is not shown on the title deeds at the Land Registry and your client may not be aware that there is a liability to the local church until a claim is made.


Our team are appointed representatives of Stewart Title and can provide over 100 standard and bespoke policies, including Chancel Indemnity Insurance. Our low-cost indemnity insurance ensures that your client is covered with minimal fuss.


There are two types of Chancel Insurance:


  • No Search Chancel Indemnity Insurance
  • Chancel Repair Indemnity Insurance


‘No Search’ is aimed at buyers who are unaware there is a chancel liability. ‘Chancel Repair’ is aimed at buyers who are aware there is a chancel liability.


However, Chancel Repair Indemnity Insurance can only be taken out if;


  • There has been no attempt to remove the chancel repair liability affecting the property
  • There have been no demands made or exchanged with the church relating to repairs


Conveyancing solicitors will generally recommend chancel repair indemnity insurance on property purchases as the local church could still register a notice at any point. A notice may jeopardise the completion of the transaction and add costs such as legal/survey fees to the buyer.


You can request a quote on our online portal, which allows you to keep track of all your policies and invoicing. You can review previous quotes, and you can back date polices by up to thirty days. The Indemnity Quote and Specimen Policy system allows you to download the details immediately.


Furthermore, if you prefer to request a quote over the phone, our friendly team are happy to discuss your needs. In the first instance, please call 0345 603 0708 or email


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Chancel Indemnity Title Insurance

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