Lack Of Planning And Building Consent Insurance


We're happy to introduce Lack of Planning and Building Consent Insurance as part of our indemnity insurance options.


When a property doesn't have the necessary planning or building approval, it can lead to problems. Buyers worry that authorities might find out about changes made to the property and take action. That's where we step in to protect your interests.


In some cases, getting Legal Indemnity Insurance can quickly solve this issue. It's a fast and relatively cheap solution that most lenders accept.


For example, someone might have planned to live in their new home forever, but then had to sell it due to unexpected circumstances. Without Lack of Planning and Building Consent Insurance, selling a property with unapproved changes can be tricky.


We're representatives of Stewart Title and can offer over 100 policies, including ones for unusual risks and custom quotes.


Our insurance covers various situations:

  • No permission for dropped kerbs
  • Lack of planning permission for property changes
  • No certificate showing lawful development or use
  • Lack of consent for changes in conservation areas or to listed buildings
  • Electrical or boiler changes


Many homeowners make changes to their property without getting the proper permissions.


Our IT system can:

  • Create multiple quotes
  • Provide sample policies
  • Store draft quotes
  • Generate instant invoices and policies


Please contact 0345 603 0708 or email to discuss your needs, set up an account, and obtain quotes.


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Lack Of Planning And Building Consent Insurance 

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