Leasehold Title Indemnity Insurance


If there isn't sufficient clarity regarding the freehold ownership of a property, but there is potentially a leasehold interest in a property, you may need Leasehold Title Indemnity Insurance.


Consequently, it is possible that someone may come along and claim freehold ownership of the property.


This type of Indemnity Insurance covers;


  • Losses, including damages and compensation

  • A potential financial hit to the value of the property

  • The cost of works required by an order of the court

  • The cost of settling out of court.

In order to gain a leasehold title indemnity insurance quote we will need the following; The property address, the value of the property, the usage of the property, the Office Copy Entries and Title plan. 

If you are an individual we can generate the indemnity quote, and draft policy, and forward it to your solicitor for their approval. If you are a lawyer looking for a supplier of Indemnity Insurance products we can provide you with a login and you can select from a hundred, or so, standard insurances.

Between 5 and 10 percent of our quotes are bespoke risks and we need to deal with the underwriters on your behalf to obtain the quote and draft policy. This is all part of the service.

In the first instance please either call 0345 603 0708 or email and we will discuss our products and how we can help.


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Leasehold Title Indemnity Insurance

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