Legal Cashier

From the standard business model where a law firm recruited a Legal Cashier and assumed those costs as an inevitable and unavoidable way of running a firm's accounts, the market for cashiers has developed somewhat.

It's the case that a number of Legal Cashiers don't have specific qualifications, but increasingly a number of recruits may be graduates or members of the Institute of Legal Finance & Management (once knows as the Institute of Legal Cashiers & Administrators). Those levels of qualifications come with a cost and Legal Cashiers can earn from £13,000 to £50,000 per annum and represent a significant investment.

The question then becomes whether you want to look at options to outsource that expense and simply pay for the time you need, rather than having to fund a specific salary each year.

Our Cashiers can provide;
  • Audit trails
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Book & record keeping
  • Monthly management reports
  • Off - site data storage
  • PAYE calculations
  • Quarterly VAT returns

Whether you are looking for Daily Posting or tailored reports that fit your business needs, our team will work around your requirements and establish the weekly input you require and the corresponding costs.

And in return you are relieved, so to speak, of your monthly staff costs, NI obligations, holiday or staff sickness absences, and any unwanted office politics. At the same time, you'll free up a seat for a Fee Earner to help generate income for the firm.  

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Legal Cashiers & Outsourcing

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