Local Land Charges - Bury


When you buy a house, your solicitor will make a search of the Councils records to ensure that there are no hidden surprises like:


  • Outstanding financial charges served on previous owners

  • Motorways at the back of your garden

  • Plans for development within close proximity to the property


 CON29: Inquiries to the Local Authority


The CON29 Inquiries to the Local Authority comprises standardised queries that focus on key areas, including:


  • Planning 

  • Highways 

  • Environmental health 

  • Housing 

  • Building Control 


These questions on the CON29 form include both essential, common inquiries and predetermined yet optional questions that come with an additional fee. It's recommended to collaborate with your solicitor to thoroughly review and understand these questions before proceeding with your property search. 


You have the option to enquire about the maintenance status of specific roads or footpaths near your property or and other custom enquiries. 


Upon completing the CON29, expect the Local Land Charges department to process and return the completed forms and responses to your solicitor within an estimated 4-6 working days.


Personal Searches 


As a result of the LLC1's transition to HM Land Registry in 2022, safeguarding your rights under the Land Charges Act 1975 is exclusively achievable through the CON29. Opting for an independent search means you forfeit the ability to take legal action against the Council in case of inaccurate information. However, personal searches have been adopted by the majority of the conveyancing industry as a mechanism to obtain data. 


Additionally, the reports tend to be less expensive, whilst search providers will typically carry £2 million pounds worth of indemnity insurance. 


Submit a Local Land Search 


If you wanted to submit a local land search through Legal Brokers, the fees are:


      • CON29: £177.60

      • Optional enquiries (questions 4-21): £14.40

      • Optional enquiry (question 22): £16.80

      • Additional enquiries: £22.40

      • Additional parcels (CON29): £23.40


To discuss matters in greater detail and either order a Personal or Official search please call 0345 603 0708 or email marketing@legalbrokers.com.



Local Land Charges - Bury

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